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Sterling Silver Remnant Cuff

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Rustic and industrial, this sterling silver cuff bracelet was made from bits of scrap metal atop recycled sterling silver. This one of a kind cuff is part of the Remnant Collection that emerged from the 2014 3XR (reduce, recycle, reuse) project. I finished this piece with a brushed patina and sealed it with wax.


  • Size: 7 (six inches of metal with a one-inch opening)
  • Width: .5 inch (12.5 mm)
  • Item will arrive in a gift box

To determine if this cuff will fit your wrist wrap a flexible measuring tape around the wrist and note the length where the tape overlaps. Alternatively, a length of string may be wrapped around the wrist, marked at the overlap, and then measured. The measurement at the overlap is where a cuff would sit snugly against the wrist. If you would like a loose fitting cuff select a slightly larger size.

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