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Blue and Brass Leaf Cluster Earrings

Blue and Brass Leaf Cluster Earrings

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Sterling silver, etched brass, and blue enameled leaves dangle from sterling silver ear wires. Great fall earrings with a pop of color that works in summer as well. 

These earrings are full of movement that will likely result in the leaves moving forward and back throughout the day. The sterling silver leaves may start out in front, but a quick jog across the street and the enameled leaves will move into their place. The blue enameled leaves and purple on the back ensuring that these earrings fun and playful with loads of style. 

No two leave are alike and each one was created by hand using traditional metalsmithing techniques including etching (brass leaves), hand fabrication or soldering (silver leaves), and enameling (purple leaves).

Finished with a brushed patina and sealed with wax.


  • Asymmetric Earrings 
  • Measure .68 x 2.4 inches (17 x 62mm) including ear wires
  • Sterling silver ear wires
  • Earrings will arrive in a gift box

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