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About the Artist

Hi, I'm Erin the maker and one woman show behind everything you see here. I've been creating jewelry for about 10 years and I even have a degree in it. OK, I have a degree in Studio Art, so I know about things like drawing, photography, graphic design, and art history as well. I also know how to spend way too much time in a museum or gallery. The kind of time that has everyone else looking for the comfiest chair they can find, but enough about my credentials, and more about my work. I love metalsmithing (which maybe makes me sound like I'm in a hot room forging swords and armor or horseshoes or something. I'm not, but there are a lot of really cool tools including a torch), specifically working with silver, even more so, I love to experiment and design. That means that while I'll always have a few of my standards and bestsellers available, a lot of the work you find here will be one of a kind. That's good for you because hopefully, you'll find something that fits your style and personality just so, and it's good for me because I'll probably enjoy what I do for the rest of my life. One can dream right? 

As you look around you may notice that a lot of my work is inspired by nature. That's thanks in part to living among the coastal redwoods of northern California, but can also be attributed to the science degree I came close to but never did finish. I love the stuff, astronomy, biology, botany, even *gasp* math (OK, that last one has some limitations). People always ask how I could find a place in both fields as though they are polar opposites or something. I tell them that for me it's all about observation and understanding the world around us. Cool stuff.

When I'm not making jewelry or wearing one of my many small businesswoman hats I'm usually outside in the garden or enjoying the endless beauty of the redwood coast. Hiking and kayaking for days around here. If you've not visited I highly recommend it. I'm also part-time staff in the jewelry and small metals studio at Humboldt State University and collaborating with Merry Coor of Ash Beads to create timeless memorial jewelry. Sounds like a lot, but we all know that making your way in the world today takes everything you got... oh ya, there may or may not be a number of song references, cliches, 80's references, and daydreams sprinkled throughout the site. What can I say, I get tired or bored and then I get weird, but we'll go ahead and call it creative.