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Brass Leaf Earrings

Brass Leaf Earrings

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Roll printed brass earrings. A textured impression of a paper pattern creates a pair of unique variegated brass leaves. Each hand-cut paper pattern can only be used one time, so each leaf is truly unique, just as you would find it in nature. 

These earrings are big and bold. The brass leaves dangles from handcrafted sterling silver ear wires and a slight curve brings the leaves to life. 

No two leaves are alike and each one was created by hand using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Finished with a brushed patina and sealed with wax. 


  • Brass Earrings 
  • Measure .74 x 2.8 inches (19 x 72mm) including ear wires
  • Sterling silver ear wires
  • Earrings will arrive in a gift box

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