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The Remnant Collection

The Remnant Collection emerged from a weekly creative challenge I took on in 2014. Artists participating in the Reduce, Recycle, Reuse challenge were asked to create new works using only materials they already had on hand and I decided to take it a step further by only using scrap materials. 


Pieces in this collection utilize scrap left over from the creation of the Eyelet Lace and Orbital Collections. The negative spaces created from cutting out the circular forms in those collections form the top layers of the Remnant pieces while the bottom layers are the product of cutting out openings behind cabochons or the very last of lengths of sheet metal cut into geometric silhouettes.

I was so pleased with the resulting jewelry and the eco-friendly aspect of keeping this metal from traveling to a refiner and back that I've continued the practice of creating with my scrap to this day. Because the jewelry in this collection is dependant on the creation of other pieces, each piece is different and availability varies. 

Thanks for reading!