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Summer Style

According to fashion week and a variety of fashion reports on the topic, summer 2018 will embrace some recently established favorites (think layering necklaces and statement pieces), some oldies (brooches are back!), and a few of my all-time favorites: the asymmetric earring and the tropical vibe. 

Asymmetric Earrings

Whether you want to go big with a shoulder duster (also on trend!) or small with a sweet little pair of studs there is something out there for your asymmetric desire. 


Shoulder Duster Earrings Asymmetric Earrings, Raindrop Studs


Layering Necklaces

Layer it up, big or small, geometric or organic. Whatever you're into put it all out there at the same time because fashion. 

Geometric Layering necklaces Sterling Silver Layering Necklaces



Tropical Jewelry 

Can't get away to your favorite summer oasis? Take the topics with you by donning something leafy or ocean inspired. It's pretty much the same as being there, right?

Tropical Leaf Earrings Sea shell earrings

Statement Pieces

Go big with a statement piece. I have a feeling these pieces are never going to be out of favor because honestly, who doesn't love something big and bold and decadent. 

Statement Necklace, Geometric Sterling Silver

Whatever you wear or don't wear (skinny dipping anyone? Don't forget the sunscreen. Ouch.) enjoy the sun and all the spoils of summer!