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Emerging on limbs, rustling above, flittering past, piled into mounds and blanketing the streets, leaves are an iconic sight signaling the changing of the seasons and while they (even in their absence) are impressive all year round, it is perhaps the changing of their colors that is most exciting. 

Fall Pendant Necklaces, mixed metal and enamel jewelry

I'm still spending lazy afternoons listening to the leaves rustling in the summer breeze, but as the long and free days of summer begin to wane, my mind and my work have begun to focus on fall. 

For these new pieces, I've mixed warm and cool tones with the occasional pop of color to create pendants and earrings that can easily transition from summer through spring. 

Blue enamel and brass leaf fall jewelry


Bright blue enamel hints at clear blue skies. 

Mixed metal jewelry, copper, sterling silver, and brass earrings and pendant


Copper leaves with hammered textures, brass leaves that have been roll printed or etched, and sterling silver leaves created from recycled wire blend together in a neutral color palette. 

Sterling silver wire leaf earrings

Ready for the changing of the seasons? I know I have some boots that I wouldn't mind slipping on. 

Look for these and other leaf pieces in the Botanical Collection

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