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Go Big, Be Bold with a One of a Kind Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces aren't for everyone, but if you like to go bold with your look, a one of kind statement piece can make a big impact. Choose unusual stones, like the pyritized ammonite below, to add a unique element to your look. Not for those who don't like questions, because people are going to want to know what you've got going on. 



Larger pieces that accentuate your neck line are great paired with cocktail dresses or under blazers. Repeated geometric forms pair well with solids and work well with both casual and fancy dress. 


Take it to the next level with something truly unusual that will elevate cocktail attire to the next level. As a bonus, artisan pieces like these often come with story, so you'll have a conversation topic ready while mingling at a wedding or a work party. 

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