For the Love of Earrings

One of my college professors once said: "There are 365 days in a year. That's 365 opportunities to wear a different pair of earrings". While a jewelry collection of that size may be the things dreams are made of, earrings are certainly an easy way to add some fun and variety to your everyday routine. 

They also happen to be really fun to make. I like to think of them as tiny sculptures for our ears. Little works of art that dance around on ear wires or remain poised on a stud. Whatever size or style you like there is an endless number of options out there making it easy to find something that perfectly complements your look. 


I plan on exploring 52 ways to make that happen this year with the 2018 Earring Challenge. The latest in a series of yearly challenges that began with the Ring a Day challenge of 2010, the Earring a Week challenge has many talented jewelry makers getting their creative juices flowing. Follow along on Instagram with the hashtags #2018EarringChallenge and #52Earrings or join the Facebook group if that's more your speed. You can get your hands on a pair of my weekly earrings over at the Etsy shop.

 Thanks for reading!