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Earring A Week

Earring A Week is a challenge to create one pair of earrings every week for 2018. We've reached the halfway point (that's 27 pairs each) and have seen some really incredible pieces created so far. These are just a few of my favorites:

Earring A Week Leslie Aine Mckeown

 Leslie Aine Mckeown

Sophia Georgiopoulou‎

Sophia Georgiopoulou

Renee Richards Ford‎

Renee Richards Ford

Dana Cassara‎ Earrings

Dana Cassara‎

Dee Tweddle‎

Dee Tweddle

Roxy Lentz‎

Roxy Lentz‎

Pretty great right?! And this is just a tiny sample of the creativity this project has inspired. See for yourself and follow along with the challenge on Instagram: #52earrings #2018earringchallenge, join the earring challenge 2018 facebook group, or check out all of my Earring A Week creations here


Thanks for reading!