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Custom Pieces: Something Special Just For You!

Custom orders are some of my favorites. There is nothing like helping someone bring their ideas to life. 

Custom orders develop in a variety of ways including creating a one of a kind piece from scratch, like this botanically accented pendant that was designed around a gorgeous ocean jasper cabochon. 


Setting a stone provided by the customer, like this piece of quartz with a heart inclusion that was given to the client by a dear friend. 


Altering one of my existing designs to better reflect your personality, as seen in these adorable flower vine earrings that a client dreamt up by combined elements from my Botanical and Orbital collections. 

Creating a talisman that represents a memory or personal achievement, like this liver pendant that was created for liver transplant recipient and celebrated a second chance at life after battling addiction.  


Sometimes I get to be in on the act of surprising a significant other with something special, like this sterling silver and black onyx spider web ornament that was one of two unique ornaments created for a customer's nieces marking a family tradition based on a European holiday folk tail. 

And occasionally I am lucky enough to create an alternative wedding set for a couple's special day like these hammered sterling silver bands with the bride's ring featuring a brilliant Fire Citrine instead of the everyday diamond. 

There are countless ways a custom order might come together, which makes each one even more significant and unique.  Request a custom piece just for you by visiting the custom order request page


Thanks for reading!