Originally from Southern California Erin Austin relocated to Humboldt County on California's north coast for a change of pace. Surrounded by redwoods and flanked by the Pacific Ocean, Humboldt provided the perfect backdrop for an education in the sciences. The endless beauty and an emphasis on social and environmental responsibility also provided stimulus for artistic outlet. After devoting several years to studying Agriculture, Horticulture and Botany Erin changed her major to Art and graduated with a Studio Art degree with an emphasis in Jewelry and Small Metals in 2007. She continues to live and work in Eureka surrounded by a vibrant art community and supportive friends and family. Much of her work explores concepts dealing with nature, science, and abstraction. Erin creates conceptually driven art pieces as well as series work with a focus on form and aesthetics. 


Artist Statement 

The physicality and precision involved in Jewelry and Small Metals drew me to the craft and the intimate platform for conversation and interaction keeps me interested. When I am creating I am reminded that every man-made object was derived through someone’s hands, translating an idea into three-dimensional form. In my work I strive to find my voice through form and concept, by telling a story or evoking conversations and new ideas through the object while relating to the viewer/wearer on an intimate level that can only be achieved by holding an entire work in one’s hand, slipping it onto one’s body, or leaning in close to see the nuances captured in each piece.

   Much of my work deals with the observation of nature and humanity. I am interested in our attempts to define, control, and manipulate that which is found in nature as well as the social constructs that we place upon ourselves. I am especially interested in cultural associations dealing with family, mechanization, and humanities use of the natural world. My interest in these topics stems from a background in the arts as well as the sciences. I feel that the two disciplines are directly related through a core emphasis on the observation and the understanding of the world around us. Repetition, abstraction, and the juxtaposition of nature and industrialism are often employed to convey these motifs in my work.